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We bring our innovative touch to every challenge, proving that nothing is impossible.

Trust Management’s purpose is to empower charities to serve and prosper. We recognise that our clients are the stewards of their investment assets, charged with maximising value and protecting them in perpetuity for current and future beneficiaries.

Case Studies

Want to:

Learn how we helped to increase investment capital and generate an annual surplus of over $1m, enabling our client to make distributions towards its charitable purpose. 

Need help to:

Produce & understand the numbers

Learn how we helped our client to improve processes and helped them to gain more confidence and insight to their financial situation. 

Need help to:

Generate more income from property assets

Understand how we helped our client to develop a property strategy that generated more income for the benefit of the charities beneficiaries. 


Understand how we helped our client to achieve significant savings on their fees and improve their investment strategy for the long term.



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