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Financial Advisory

We provide financial statements that are customised to each client, to increase trustees understanding of their Trust's financial performance.

Customised reporting for each client provides for more meaningful communication of the financial performance of their Trust. Alongside the management of a Trust’s financial affairs, financial reporting and liaison with auditors, we also provide advice and assistance with budgeting, forecasting as well as treasury management.

Our team operate a system of internal controls and procedures to protect our clients’ assets. We engage an independent internal auditor to review our internal controls and provide clients with an assurance report confirming that our systems are operating effectively. We understand the importance of trust in our relationship with clients, which is why its in our name.

Case Study

Gain a better understanding of the numbers

One of our clients is a charity with more than 90 independent branches. During our review of the charity’s financial systems, we learned the head office wasn’t receiving monthly financial reports from the branches and so was unable to assess their individual financial health.

The client also had concerns over the level of internal controls at the branch level, and the client was unable to prepare consolidated financial statements.

By applying a set of documented processes, Trust Management established a centralised financial services solution that has seen the orderly collection of financial data from each branch. Trust Management developed and helped implement a robust set of internal controls.

As a result, the client now has consistent and regular monthly reports, not only to the branches but also on a consolidated basis. The client has gained significantly more confidence and insight into its financial situation.

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your organisation's purpose. 

Sarah Hipkiss

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The Trust Management team provide us with valuable insights into the financial activities of our business which we would not otherwise be able to gain from our existing staff.

Sonia Maugham

Diocese Manager, Anglican Diocese of Auckland

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