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Investment Advisory

We firmly believe the investment requirements of charities are different from other investors.

Trustees often ask Trust Management to perform an independent assessment of their investment strategy and its performance as an initial step in reviewing their investment arrangements.

Trust Management works with Trustees to develop bespoke investment strategies that are tailored to each Trust because we firmly believe that only Trustees can determine the appropriate risk tolerances and return objectives of a Trust. Because every charity’s needs are different, we do not offer or impose a standard investment strategy on our clients.

Case Study

Critical Review of Investment Portfolio

A Charitable Trust recently engaged Trust Management to review their investment strategy and managers. We set about understanding the Trust’s specific objectives and details of the Trust’s current investment portfolio.

We concluded that the strategic asset allocation was not well defined, the investments were not well diversified and there was too much dependence on one active manager. Furthermore, the performance had been poor when measured against standard market benchmarks.

We also discovered that the Trust’s management fees were high and that a saving of around 20% was readily achievable by changing the Trust’s asset allocation and management structure.

As an outcome of this review, the Trustees decided to change the investment strategy. The Trust has increased its focus on the income generated by the investment portfolio. As such, the Trust will soon be in a position to increase its grant-making in a significant and sustainable basis.

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Trust Management provides excellent advice to our Investment Committee and often uses relatable analogies to impact more complex messages.

Judy Whiteman

Former Chair of Investment Subcommittee, Presbyterian Support Northern

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