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Trust Management’s ethical investment policy guides our approach to responsible investment. We regularly survey and engage our clients on ESG issues to ensure that our policy and practices meet client needs and expectations

Our approach to ESG and Ethical investing utilises three pillars:

  • Negative screens: i.e. avoiding companies involved in certain activities

  • ESG Integration: i.e. incorporating ESG matters when evaluating investment options

  • Collaborative engagement: i.e. using influence as a shareholder to raise ESG concerns with the company

Ethical. Responsible.



Kaitiakitanga: Care for the Environment

It is important that we take care of the environment to help nature thrive and to maintain the delicate balance necessary to sustain life on this planet. This includes protecting our natural resources and biodiversity, reducing air pollution and waste, and combatting climate change.

Kaitiakitanga means guardianship, preservation and protection of the sky, land and sea. Māori believe that earth is a taonga (gift) from our ancestors and should be protected as such.


Manaakitanga: Care for the Community.

We believe everyone has a responsibility to do no harm, and to care for our fellow tāngata (people) and ourselves. Everyone deserves to have good health and wellbeing, as well as to live in an inclusive, safe and sustainable community.


Manaakitanga describes the way tāngata demonstrate respect, care and consideration of each other, through the expression of aroha (love), compassion, hospitality, generosity and mutual respect (whakarangatira). Manaakitanga secures the strength and elevation of our whānau (family) and communities.


Kotahitanga: Care for Equality

Society is founded on the idea of fairness and equality. Every person has the right to equal and fair treatment, independent of their gender, race, age, religious belief or sexual orientation. As a  result people feel socially connected, and are able to

participate and contribute to their community to create a safer, and more prosperous and harmonious society.

Kotahitanga refers to collaboration, unity and togetherness. Kotahitanga is identifying as one, lifting each other up, sharing the earth, extending our āwhina (support) to everyone, and receiving the same back.

Our Promise

We are a founding signatory of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Stewardship Code, demonstrating our commitment to responsible investing and leading the promotion of responsible investment and active ownership practices.

We are passionate about ESG when it comes to how we invest, our fiduciary duties, and evaluation of opportunities and risks. ESG considerations, including integration, ethical screening, and stewardship, are key considerations for the way we manage our funds, and has been since our inception.

Ethical Investment Documents

Trust Management | PRI Full Assessment Report 2023

Trust Management | PRI Transparency Report 2023

Trust Management | Guide to Ethical Investment

Trust Management | Ethical Investment Update 2023

Trust Management | Ethical Investment Policy



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