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Governance & Management

Governance is a critical element of performance.

Good governance means having oversight and vision, accompanied by well-defined accountability, a focus on risk management and a balance between the short term and long term objectives.

While governance is the domain of the trustees, many charities do not have the resources and systems to achieve good governance. We can work with trustees and provide the resources, systems and skills necessary to ensure good governance.

We are committed to implementing Trust Management’s mission of providing exceptional service to a growing number of charities, and the beneficiaries and regions they serve.

Case Study

Improve Annual Distributions

Some years ago, a Charitable Trust that was in financial difficulty approached us for advice. Operating deficits and poorly performing investments were eroding the Trust’s capital. There was no clear strategy, and the Trust had borrowed over $5m to fund its operations and undertake property development.

Over several months the Trust Management team worked closely with the trustees to establish the Trust’s goals and develop an appropriate investment strategy.

With our assistance, the Trust reorganised its governance arrangements, as well as its operating policies and procedures.

With clear objectives and a well-structured investment strategy, the Trust’s investment capital has increased 76% over the last five years. It is now generating an annual surplus of over $1m and has resumed making distributions towards its charitable purpose.

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your organisation's purpose. 

Rachael McDonald

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We consider the team at Trust Management as if they were our own staff. They are responsive to our needs and provide the Board with quality information from which to make decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Russell Florence

Chair - General Trust Board

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