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Standing with you

to deliver community good.


Doing well to

maximise good.

At the heart of our mission, we believe that by empowering individuals and communities with the financial tools and knowledge they need to succeed, we can create a more equitable and prosperous society for all.

What We Provide 


Management Services

We can provide expert support in areas such as compliance, board and committee management, risk management, regulatory and reporting requirements, and overseeing corporate governance matters.


Administration + Secretarial

Services include providing assistance in developing and maintaining governance policies and procedures, facilitating board meetings, and providing advice on legal and compliance issues.


Audits + Accounting

We provide support to non-profit organisations to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and promote transparency and accountability.


Property Investment + Advisory

Property investment was the foundation for many of our clients who have been building endowment funds for over 150 years. We have property professionals that can assist with property investment guidance as well as property advisory services.


Property Management

Our property managers work closely with your leadership to ensure the properties are managed efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on your mission and goals. Together, we manage a portfolio of 100+ properties.


Investment Commitee Advice

We can provide recommendations and insights on investment strategies and portfolio management to your investment committee. The goal is to help the client achieve their financial goals by maximizing returns while minimizing risks.


Asset Management + Consulting

We can manage your charitable assets and help you to create a long-term philanthropic plan that aligns with your organisation's values, goals, and timeline. 


Ethical Investment Funds

Our investment funds are designed to offer appropriate solutions to enable charities to achieve their long term objectives. Our Funds are priced monthly and distribute income quarterly. 


We Perform,

We Help, We Do Good

At our core, Trust Management helps our clients manage their assets to further their charitable purpose.

Our Focus Areas

Trust Management is a specialist financial services provider to for-purpose organisations, including charities, not-for-profits, trusts and foundations. We are a charity ourselves, staffed by some very capable and experienced people, returning every cent of our profits back to the community.

Good governance means having oversight and vision, accompanied by well-defined accountability, a focus on risk management and a balance between the short term and long term objectives.

While governance is the domain of the trustees, many charities do not have the resources and systems to achieve good governance. We can work with trustees and provide the resources, systems and skills necessary to ensure good governance.

Customised reporting for each client provides for more meaningful communication of the financial performance of their Trust. Alongside the management of a Trust’s financial affairs, financial reporting and liaison with auditors, we also provide advice and assistance with budgeting, forecasting as well as treasury management. 

Our team operate a system of internal controls and procedures to protect our clients’ assets. We engage an independent internal auditor to review our internal controls and provide clients with an assurance report confirming that our systems are operating effectively. We understand the importance of trust in our relationship with clients, which is why its in our name.

Our Property Services team manages a diverse range of client property portfolios, as well as the Trust Management Property Fund. Overall, we are responsible for managing property investments worth over $1billion and have specialist experience and expertise.

We provide a full suite of property management services for charities including advice on investment strategy, acquisitions and disposals, asset management, property management and facilities management. 

We firmly believe the investment requirements of charities are different from other investors.

Trust Management works with Trustees to develop bespoke investment strategies that are tailored to each Trust because we firmly believe that only Trustees can determine the appropriate risk tolerances and return objectives of a Trust. Because every charity’s needs are different, we do not offer or impose a standard investment strategy on our clients.


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