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Portfolio Watch - Q4 2023 | Investor Update

Trust Management Ethical Investment Funds

Investor Update for the period ending 31 December 2023

We are pleased to provide you with our January edition of Portfolio Watch covering the period to the end of December 2023. 

We are happy to report that the final few months of the year saw some strong performances from the listed markets following a very bumpy year with lots of concerns, both economic and geopolitical, for investors to navigate. 

While total returns from property have been challenging of late, with interest rates in 2024 expected to fall off their highs combined with solid annual rental increases, we have a constructive view on the outlook for commercial property assets from here. We include more commentary on the performance of the Trust Management PIE Funds in the following pages.

Our ethical investment practices continue to evolve and grow. We remain focused on integrating sustainable and ethical processes into our investment strategies, supporting the alignment of our clients financial goals with their ethical values. 

To this end, we are pleased to report a strong assessment of our approach was undertaken by the UN-supported PRI. More details are in this report. 

Throughout 2023, we have added to our capabilities by investing in our people and implementing new systems aimed at generating better insights and delivering a stronger customer experience.  This commitment to innovation ensures that we stay at the forefront of the industry, providing you with the best possible service and support for your missions.

Looking ahead, the year promises to be busy, with ongoing regulatory changes impacting the way we do business and report to our clients, particularly in the area of climate risk reporting. We are fully engaged in navigating the evolving landscape and will keep you informed. 

I want to reiterate our sincere thanks to you all, our clients and supporters, for choosing us as your trusted partner.  We exist to serve our clients and the communities they operate in.  Together, we can continue to make a positive impact, furthering the vital work of charities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust.

Best wishes for the year ahead,  

Rachael McDonald

Chief Executive


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