Ministry Accounting

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Don't get left behind. This is happening, so we recommend that you get ahead of the process and make the most of the services available. Let us help streamline your accounting processes now, so you can focus on your ministry.


Joining us by signing up now will ensure that you will be ahead of the rush and better prepared for the future.


We can keen to do everything we can to make it easy for you, so we have a dediciated Project Manager to assist Ministry Units with the transition. The level of assistance from the Project Manager will be greater for those joining before the rush.

Assistance With Transition

We appreciate that understanding how the new system operates, and how your current chart of accounts will translate to the new chart of accounts, can be a daunting process.


Trust Management has a Project Manager to assist Ministry Units with the transition process and help explain how the accounting system can meet the needs of the Ministry Units.


The Project Managers' contact details can be found on the Help Page.

Information Requirements

Listed below are the information requirements for the provision of the Ministry Accounting Service. The provision of information requested will enable an efficient implementation and transition process.


  • A trial balance at the transition date.

  • A fixed assets register at transition date (if applicable).

  • Details of from the Recorder of givers and envelope numbers (for issuing of tax receipts), as well as details of giving from 1 April 2015 to transition date. *

  • A Vestry minute approving the transition to Ministry Accounting Services, including authorising staff members of Trust Management to bank signatories and account owners/administrators.

  • A Vestry minute authorising staff members of Trust Management to enquire with the IRD on matters pertaining to the Ministry Unit.

  • Details of the bank and branch, bank account number, and IRD numbers. We will then complete the necessary bank and IRD forms for the Ministry Unit to sign.

  • Payroll details (if applicable) including employees IRD numbers, tax codes, pay rates and leave entitlements.


For more complex Ministry Units there may also be additional information requirements where applicable, such as copies of any rental or lease agreements etc…


* Some Ministry Units may have concerns regarding confidentiality, which we do understand. Please refer to the FAQ Page for more information on how confidentiality will be maintained throughout.

Smooth Transition

To avoid bottlenecks during the transition period, we recommend Ministry Units register their details as early as possible. We can then group Ministry Units into tranches or stages. 


The earlier that Ministry Units register their interest and get being the process, the more smoothly we will be able to manage the transition process.

Transition Red Flags

Our experience from the pilot project shows us that many Ministry Units find making changes to bank authorities difficult in light of Banks increasing their Anti-Money Laundering ("AML") and Know Your Client ("KYC") requirements.


Early engagement on this process is advised.