Ministry Accounting

Empowering you to focus on Ministry and Mission


Trust Management provides accounting and financial services to a large number of charities. The staff of Trust Management have worked with a large number of accounting systems and managed many system implementations.


In addition to the delivery of the pilot project, Trust Management currently provides Ministry Accounting services to 38 Ministry Units within the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki.

The People

Some of the key people involved in the Ministry Accounting Service are outlined below.

Shane Coward
General Manager
Shane has been with Trust Management for over 10 years. Shane was formerly the General Manager Finance and guided the business and its clients through the introduction of NZ IFRS. Shane is responsible for the risk management and compliance functions of the business, including the internal audit programme (NZ IAS 3402).
Anne Edwards
General Manager Finance
Anne joined Trust Management from the Swiss Bank UBS. Anne implemented and spearheaded a number of software implementations whilst at UBS. Prior to joining UBS, Anne was Audit Manager at PWC.

Flexible Resourcing

Trust Management will have staff dedicated to the provision of Ministry Accounting Services. In addition to these staff, we have a further nine staff available within our Financial Services team who can be made available to assist with Ministry Accounting during busy times.


The amount of resourcing available can be flexible to meet the needs of Ministry Accounting.

The Company

Trust Management is a professional service provider to Chartiable Trusts. Trust Management manages $1.3 billion dollars of assets on behalf of its clients.


Trust Management is ultimately owned by the Diocese of Auckland, and any profits from the business are provided to the Diocese to fund its activities.