Social Media Content Controls

April 2019


Trust Management has added its voice to the engagement initiative promoted by the NZ Super Fund, to strengthen controls on social media content.

Other participants include the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Government Superannuation Fund (GSF), National Provident Fund (NPF) and Kiwi Wealth (KW) amongst many others. The number of investors involved in the engagement exceeds 50, and represents total assets under management of more than $4 trillion NZD.

The objective of the engagement is to convince social media companies Facebook, Google and Twitter to strengthen controls to prevent the live streaming and distribution of objectionable content, such as the tragedy that took place in Christchurch on Friday 15 March 2019.

Trust Management’s CEO, Grant Hope, said ‘We see engagement on ESG matters as an important role for investment managers, ensuring that the views of our investors are heard by the companies which they invest in. Our Clients are seeking positive social, environmental and governance outcomes, in addition to generating a market return to apply towards their charitable purposes. As a smaller organisation, it can be difficult to resource engagement initiatives on our own, so partnering with other like-minded investors, strengthens our voice’.

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Grant Hope

Chief Executive Officer

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Shane Coward

General Manager

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