Shane Org



Chief Operating Officer

021 412 032

Shane Coward has over 20 years of experience in finance and commercial management fields. He has dedicated 16 of those years to Trust Management and its mission to help clients advance their charitable purposes, 12 years as the General Manager of Finance and four as General Manager.


Shane’s diverse experiences within the industry have enabled him to develop a wide breadth of commercial and business understanding, which he applies in both the management and task-oriented capacities of his job.


In his role, Shane assists Trust Management’s Chief Executive, Grant Hope, in ensuring exceptional client service through the implementation of strategic objectives, including but not limited to day-to-day management and service coordination. Additionally, Shane oversees the company’s risk management plan, which involves the internal audit (NZIAS 3402) as well as compliance with the regulatory framework surrounding the Group Investment Funds.

When he's not at work, Shane is frequently found spending time with his wife and two daughters playing sports, camping or even attending a show. If he's not on a family adventure, you may find him on the beach volunteering as a surf lifeguard, a passion he's continued for more than 25 years and a way he gives back to the community.

While Shane may dress differently for the office and a day at the beach, some of his talents, such as leadership, are evident in both.

He's spent many summers working as a swim coach and lifeguard, and loves to see people grow and develop, such as a rookie lifeguard gaining confidence in the surf or learning to take on new responsibilities.

Naturally, the traits that make him a strong leader in the water also provide the approach to management that makes him a valuable mentor, seeking continual growth from his team and himself, both professionally and personally.