“Trust Management understand that culturally we are different and operate in a unique way. They are astute financial advisors and very responsive to our needs. It is important to us that they seek investments that maximise benefit and at the same time not compromise our kaupapa. They are proactive and their trustee secretarial services are excellent.”
Archbishop Don Tamihere,
Chairman, Te Aute Trust Board
“Commercial trust managers just don’t tick the boxes for us. We have a long-term view of what we’re trying to achieve which Trust Management clearly understands and then invests accordingly. The values of the organisation and each person in the team align with our own and they have a highly ethical approach to their investments. They now help us review applications for grants from our beneficiaries and make considered decisions on where to place our support.”
Kevin Wearne, QSM
Chairman, St John’s College Trust Board 
“As the only trust managers in the market working solely with charities Trust Management holds a unique position.  This is reflected in the values they share with our charity - honesty, integrity, humanity and the common cause. Everyone in the company has great depth of expertise in their specialist areas and the whole team is highly competent. Their advice on strategy, investments and property is outstanding.’’
Brian Corban, CNZM, QSO
Chairman, Melanesian Mission Trust Board.
“Trust Management was highly recommended to us from another charity. We took time to at the beginning to establish a good working relationship, and we now fully trust the collaborative relationship we have built. Their expertise and dedication has given us confidence to use their full range of services; investments, property, finance and strategic advice.”
Archbishop Phillip Richardson,
Independent Trustee  
“Trust Management were initially bought in to manage us out of a negative financial situation.  They took a collaborative approach with our board which supported a developmental pathway with a 2 to 3 year horizon. They have a strong culture and everything we are doing together is moving in unison.”
Bernard Te Paa,
Former Chairman,
St Stephen’s and Queens Victoria Schools Trust Board