Colin Moring

Trustee, Tai Tokerau Trust Board


As a member of a client trust board of Trust Management I can comment favourably on the services provided to that trust board. Trust boards are generally made up of a changing population of trustees and ours is no exception. The benefits of having a stable organisation provide the essential services a board requires are considerable.


The board I am associated with can access financial reporting, minute taking, agenda compilation, and any correspondence that arises from board business. These are services that trustees could not and should not have to do.  They are all provided with a high degree of  professionalism.


In addition to the services referred to the board I am associated with has land holdings and investments that are held in Trust. Trust Management has provided excellent oversight of these obligations and their conservative approach is a source of confidence for a trustee.


From my perspective and with 12 years or so association with Trust Management I have observed that the staff turnover appears to be quite low. This speaks to me of a well managed organsation that provides a good working environment. From a clients perspective this is encouraging and a compelling argument for enlisting Trust Management as a provider of services to charitable organisations.


The interface with Trust Management in my experience has always been of a friendly nature and they are very easy to engage with which is important for the charitable organisation. I can and do recommend them.

Barrie Brown

Chairman, Auckland City Mission Foundation


This is to confirm that Trust Management has provided Accounting Services to the Auckland City Mission Capital Foundation since 2006. This includes the preparation of Quarterly Management Accounts and the full year end Financial Statements complete with notes.

The Annual Financial Statements are complex and require a high degree of skill in their preparation.

We have been very happy with the accuracy and timeliness of the preparation and presentation of both the Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements.

Where our board has asked for further details this information has been promptly provided.


Barrie Brown


Auckland City Mission Foundation

Reverend John Fairbrother

Past Director, Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat and Conference Centre.


Under the executive leadership of Grant Hope, Trust Management provides a level of professional expertise entirely conducive to the purposes and character of not-for profit business and enterprise. It is a pleasure to recommend this remarkably competent, well-qualified, sensitive property and asset manager. The evident depth and understanding in both individuals and team at Trust Management sets them apart as a provider of first rank.


The Rev John Fairbrother


Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat & Conference Centre


Reverend Michael Hughes

General Secretary, Anglican Church General Synod/ te Hinota Whanui


Trust Management provide excellent, timely, and efficient accounting management services to the Anglican Church General Synod/ te Hinota Whanui, and we deeply appreciate their quality professional service which is of the highest standard, and their staff who are of the highest calibre. We feel in safe hands working with them, and know our best interests are always at heart in all they do for us.


Michael Hughes

General Secretary

Anglican Church General Synod/ te Hinota Whanui.


Kevin Wearne

Trustee, General Church Trust Board


I have found Trust Investment Management Limited to be highly professional, providing reliable and timely advice. The breadth of experience of their staff ensures excellent guidance across the entire spectrum of our portfolio. We are a relatively small trust but benefit from the research carried out for the significantly larger funds that TIML manage. I would not hesitate in recommending them to prospective clients who value excellent advice, delivered in a timely manner, and with the utmost integrity.


Kevin Wearne


General Church Trust Board

Reverend John Fairbrother

Trustee, St Stephens and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board


Quality governance and management define success. The services of Trust Management are a proven resource for success with the characteristic complexities of good governance and management. The integrity of the executive team and members of staff is portrayed with highest standards of communication, research, advice and recording. With more than eleven years’ experience of their service I remain confident in the relationship of trust that underpins all Trust Management provides.


The Rev John Fairbrother


St Stephens and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board

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