Parish Accounting Newsletter 

Quarter Two



Parish Open Day

9am - 4pm 26th June 2019

Come to our offices and meet your parish accountant, our investment team and representatives of the Diocese in person over a cup of tea or coffee and snacks.

This is a good opportunity to get to know your parish accounting team and ask any questions you may have.

Our investment team will be present if you have any questions about the Group Investment Funds.

We will have slots of ½ hour available so register early as we are anticipating high demand.

Register your preferred time with Katie Parsons –

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Monthly Reports
Did you know that we could tailor your monthly reports to suit your requirements?
Do you want your reports on one page, with a larger font or with black ink so they can photocopy easily?
Do you want a comparison with year to date budget or last year’s results?
Do you want to see your expenses as a percentage of last year's budget?
This is all possible!
In our next quarterly newsletter, we will have examples of reports, but in the meantime do not hesitate to contact your Parish Accountant to discuss your requirements.
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2019 New Zealand Charities Conference


Over 2 days in April, Anne Edwards, General Manager Finance attended the 2019 New Zealand Charities Conference, “future prospects for charity law, accounting, and regulation”.

Building on the success of 2018, this multi-disciplinary conference covered legal, accounting and related practical issues associated with the charitable sector, and aimed to:

  • Inform and educate on important topics for charities;

  • Strengthen links, contacts and collaboration within the sector community;

  • Share lessons learnt and best practice that have worked for others, within New Zealand and beyond;

  • Stimulate discussion and input into the review of the Charities Act 2005.


The hosts brought together a wide range of voices and perspectives to consider the issues before us all. This conference provided opportunities for rich conversation on the review of the Charities Act and what the framework of charity law should look like in the future.

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Special Fund Reporting


A number of parishes are tracking their special funds through the use of department codes to monitor bequests, grants or any other funds received for a special purpose. Some grantors may have reporting requirements following the release of the funds, such as details of how the grant has been spent.

Your parish accountant can work with your treasurer to set up a department code for the grant and all expenses will be coded to that department code. On a monthly basis, we can produce a report showing the opening balance for the grant (usually the revenue received), any new funds, expenditure, and the closing balance. The Vestry can then monitor at each of its meeting how the grant has been spent. This is particularly useful when the grant has to be returned if not fully spent.

Some parishes also use these special funds to keep track of their maintenance funds such as organ or church maintenance.

Meet Grace Sun,
Manager, Financial Services

Grace has been working for Trust Management for over 8 years. Grace manages the Parish Accounting team for the Auckland and Waikato Dioceses. Overall she looks after over 100 parishes. Grace’s knowledge of parish accounting is invaluable to Trust Management and her parishes. She has participated in our annual roadshows and seminars with the goal of increasing the financial literacy of the parishes we look after.

She has set very high standards for her team in terms of monthly and annual financial reporting provided to parishes. She ensures that all reporting provided by Trust Management is accurate and relevant and helps parishes in their decision making.

Over the years, she has met with many treasurers to discuss accounting issues and reviewing financial statements and has developed very good relationships with all of our parishes.

Outside of work, Grace is very much involved with her children’s sport and musical activities. She can be found on a rainy Saturday morning on a netball court supporting her daughter’s team. Grace is kept very busy looking after the family's pets including a puppy, dozens of fish, and a brood of chickens.