Investment property, like all investments, have inherent risks and is a complex asset class to manage and monitor. Returns can quickly erode without consistent asset management and property management.

Are your Trust’s property investments performing well?
Are you sure?
How do you measure performance and against what benchmarks?

We often meet with trusts who are property investors and have invested in property to enhance their investment returns. However real estate, like all investments, has inherent risks and is a complex asset class to manage and monitor. Returns can quickly erode through vacancies, unplanned maintenance costs, district plan or zoning changes and health and safety issues.

Our Property Services team manages a diverse range of client property portfolios, as well as the Trust Management Property Fund. Overall, we are responsible for managing property investments worth over $600 million and have the specialist experience and expertise to provide your charity with the right property investment strategy. 

We provide a full suite of property management services for Charities including advice on investment strategy, acquisitions and disposals, asset management, property management and facilities management.

We measure the performance of property portfolios against the Investment Property Databank (IPD) and monitor our clients' investments against their investment policies, including the property investment policies/criteria set by Trustees.

Transparency is a core value of the Property service we offer. We do not earn fees by agency or leasing and we are independent of any real estate agency, valuer  or advisor. This means the interests of Trust Management and our clients are aligned and we are free to select property investments free from influence and are not incentivised to “churn” our clients’ property investments.

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