Patrick O'Reilly

General Manager Property

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  • MProp Stud

  • PGDipCom

  • BCom(VPM)

  • PGCert Applied Finance

Patrick has a wealth of experience in the New Zealand property sector, through his previous roles with NZX Listed and non listed companies, including at Brookfield Offices Properties, DNZ Property Fund (Stride), and AMP Capital.

Trust Management General Manager Patrick O'Reilly lives and breathes property. Boasting more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in the property industry for both renowned and growing clients, Patrick is a respected commercial manager known for delivering outstanding results.


While this accomplished leader has seen countless victories in the business world, his secret to success is not the perfection of technical skills, as many may assume, it’s understanding that the building isn’t what truly gives property its value.


“Property is a people industry,” Pat explains. “Without people in these spaces, the properties are just ‘bricks and mortar.’”


He stresses that the largest influence on a property's value is the effective use of each space by those who occupy it. That awareness of prioritizing people and their experience with a property provides Patrick with a unique perspective, which allows him to execute the duties of his job and produce such remarkable results.


On a daily basis, Patrick, who holds a Master’s degree in property, works to motivate the Asset Management Team and maximise the benefits each client sees from their leased environment. Constantly striving to increase standards and improve systems, Patrick is responsible for the portfolio management of the Trust Investments Property Fund, along with a number of discrete property portfolios.


Additionally, Patrick utilises his leadership skills both in and out of the workplace. In his personal time, he serves as President of the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ), a membership-based organisation for property professionals, representing valuers, property advisors, property managers and chattel valuers.

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