Ministry Accounting

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The Ministry Accounting Service

The Ministry Accounting Service utilises the Accredo accounting system. The system was selected by the Diocese after a review of all major accounting packages available, including Xero, MYOB etc... While each accounting package has certain advantages and disadvantages, all comprehensive accounting software solutions are fundamentally the same.


The below sections give some insight into how the Ministry Accounting Service will operate.

Defined Service Level

Each Ministry Unit may have differing expectations of the level of Service that should be provided. These expectations may be based upon their current experiences with volunteer treasurers or outsourced providers of varying levels of skills and expertise.


In order to give some clarity the Diocesan Council has approved the following "Service Level" to help provide a framework for what the Diocese considers to be reasonable expectations for an accounting service to provide Vestries with sufficient information to exercise their duties proficiently.

How It Will Work

To gain an understanding of how the partnership between the Ministry Units and the Service Provider will work, as well as gain insights into how the system operates, we have prepared a policy and procedure manual for Ministry Accounting.


You can download the manual by clicking on the image.

Example Reports

Attached are some example reports to provide Ministry Units with an indication of the type of reporting and functionality available.


The purpose of the reports is to provide Vestry members with a clear picture of the overall financial performance and viability of the Ministry Unit. More detailed ledger reports are available for Treasurers and Vestry members to examine the information in more detail.

Chart of Accounts

A common chart of accounts has been developed and applied during the pilot project.


The chart of accounts was developed with reference to the annual returns filed for all Ministry Units, including reference to the supporting detailed financial statements (where provided).


In addition to the chart of accounts, analysis codes can be used to provide greater levels of analysis. There are two layers of analysis codes, and analysis codes can be grouped to provide in-depth analysis in even more areas.


The chart of accounts and some example analysis codes can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Example Forms

Attached are some example forms. As discussed in the workshop, these are examples only, in most cases the existing forms your Ministry Unit is using can remain unchanged.


Though the example includes a schedule of payments, this is not a required form. You can authorise and code the invoice for payment itself, with no form necessary.


If you have any questions regarding these example forms, please do not hesitate to contact us.