Matthew Goldsack

General Manager Investments



 Associate, INFINZ

Matthew Goldsack, General Manager Investments, recently joined the organisation.  With over 20 years experience in institutional and retail funds management, Matthew has built a successful career helping organisations and individuals to achieve their long term financial goals. 

Matthew believes that good discipline, effective diversification, and strong governance serve as critical components of any long term investment programme.  Matthew is a great advocate for well-balanced investment portfolios and with investment markets becoming increasingly complex, it is important that the risks of investing are well understood and managed appropriately, and the costs of investing are controlled.


Matthew’s role at Trust Management involves overseeing the investment process, including investment analysis, monitoring financial markets, report writing, investment research, client presentations, and a range of compliance-related tasks.


Although new to the organisation, Matthew looks forward to furthering Trust Management in its journey to become the “go to” business for all New Zealand charities.

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