From its experience advising charities, Trust Management has developed philosophies that differentiate us from other investment advisors.  We firmly believe that the investment characteristics and requirement of charities are different to those of non-charitable investors.

Section 13B of the Trustee Act 1956 states that a Trustee exercising any power of investment shall exercise the care, diligence, and skill that a prudent person of business would exercise in managing the affairs of others.

One of the most important duties of Trustees is setting and regularly reviewing the Trust’s investment policy. In broad terms a Trust’s investment policy will define how investment assets are to be  managed: the procedures, guidelines, and constraints of management.

Have the Trustees of your charity approved a Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives?

While Trustees may not manage the investments of a Trust on a day-to-day basis, Trustees need to determine the key strategic priorities and risk tolerance of the Trust.

In setting the investment policy Trustees need to consider and focus on the trade-off between expected return and risk in seeking to achieve the Trust’s objectives. In establishing this trade-off, Trustees will need to consider:


  • the investment strategies that should be adopted,

  • how investments are allocated to various asset classes,

  • within each of those asset classes, what style of management is appropriate, 

  • what benchmarks should be utilised in assessing investment performance.

Do you receive regular independent reports detailing the performance of your investments against your benchmarks?

Trust Management has a long history of providing financial and investment advice to charities that is tailored to the specific needs of each Trust and its beneficiaries. Starting from gaining a clear understanding of the Trust's objectives, Trust Management works to ensure Trustees are comfortable with the setting and monitoring of the investment policy, the monitoring of performance against benchmarks, along with selecting and overseeing investment managers. The level of support required from Trust Management will vary for each charity and service agreements will be aligned accordingly.


We provide Trustees with regular customised reports that track each Trust’s investments against performance targets and market benchmarks, as well as commentary on local and international markets and investment implications.

Are your investment adviser's or manager's philosophies aligned with those of the Trust?

With its experience Trust Investments has developed philosophies that differentiate us from other investment advisors, investment companies and wealth managers. We firmly believe that the characteristics and requirements of charities differ from the non-charitable investment market and that many of the investment strategies and products available to investors do not suit charities. 

Also based on our experience and observations we believe in distinguishing between the role of Trustees, a Trust’s investment adviser and the investment managers employed to manage funds in accordance with the policies set by Trustees.

Financial Advisers Act 2008 & Financial Services Providers Act 2008

Financial Advisers Act 2008 and Financial Services Providers Act 2008 came into force on 1 July 2011. Trust Management is registered as Financial Services Provider which means we can only give advice to ‘wholesale clients’.

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Complaints and Insurance and Savings Ombudsman

Trust Management is a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman ("ISO"). If you feel your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfication, you may register your complaint with the ISO. Please note, complaints to the ISO must fall within certain criteria. For more information on how to register a complaint with Trust Management or to learn more about the ISO please refer to the links below. 

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