On identifying that within New Zealand there were no investment products established solely to meet the needs of charities, Trust Management established and manages six Investment Funds that are designed to meet the needs of charities and are simple, transparent, efficient and tax effective.

Trust Management is a licensed Manager of a Managed Investment Scheme ("MIS"). The Trust Management PIE Funds are a registered Managed Investment Scheme.

Trust Management latest Product Disclosure Statement ("PDS") is dated 30 October 2020.


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Our Funds

In the early days of Trust Management we identified that there were, within New Zealand, no investment products established to meet the specific needs of charities.


This meant that many of our clients who did not have the scale to invest directly as a wholesale investor in some asset classes were restricted to inferior, undiversified or high cost retail investments.

Our Investment Funds are designed to meet the needs of charities and are simple, transparent, efficient, tax effective and pay regular distributions. In 2001 we established six Group Investment Funds which were replaced in 2020 for PIE Fund structures.

To provide flexibility to smaller charities the minimum investment is $25,000.

These Funds reflect Trust Management’s philosophies of strategic and tactical asset allocation, portfolio diversification, portfolio efficiency, passive versus active management, currency hedging and investment management at reasonable cost.


Our investment philosophy is designed so that the Funds offer appropriate solutions to enable charities to achieve their long term objectives.

Our Investment Funds were designed to meet the needs of charitable investors.  The Funds were established so charities can access a range of asset classes and investment managers previously only available to large charities.


Our Funds are priced monthly and distribute income quarterly.


The Funds consist of:


  • Trust Management Property Fund

  • Trust Management New Zealand Bond Fund

  • Trust Management International Bond Fund

  • Trust Management Sustainable Australasian Share Fund

  • Trust Management International Share Fund

  • Trust Management Balanced Fund


To find out more about our Funds, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement above or contact Matthew Goldsack

09 550 4046.

Financial Advisers Act 2008 & Financial Services Providers Act 2008

Financial Advisers Act 2008 and Financial Services Providers Act 2008 came into force on 1 July 2011. Trust Management is registered as Financial Services Provider which means we can only give advice to ‘wholesale clients’.

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Complaints and Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman

Trust Management is a member of an independent dispute resolution scheme operated by the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman ("IFSO"). If you feel your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may register your complaint with the ISO. Please note, complaints to the IFSO must fall within certain criteria. For more information on how to register a complaint with Trust Management or to learn more about the IFSO please refer to the links below. 

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