Trust Management provides both investment advisory services and investment management services for charities and other not-for-profits.  We work closely with Trustees to develop and maintain a shared understanding of requirements of the Trust. The objectives of the charity - short and long term - will always be front-of-mind when providing investment services.
​Trust Management has been providing investment advisory services to its charitable trust clients for over twelve years and in that time has gained significant insight into the needs of the sector.


We do not believe there is any one investment strategy or asset allocation plan for all charities. However, we have developed and refined our views on charitable investment practices, and of the process by which charities should develop their unique investment strategies.


While your Trust's investment objectives will guide all actions, Trust Management's Group Investment Funds are conservatively designed to reflect the needs voiced by many trustees of client organisations for:


  • Reliable and predictable income streams

  • Retention of capital

  • Risk aversion - can ride out peaks and valleys of investment markets

  • Overall returns that are measured against respected industry benchmarks


Our Group Investment Funds also reflect our investment philosophies.

Trust Management provides a range of Investment Services tailored to your Trust’s specific requirements. You might require a one-off assessment of your existing investment plan and its performance, through to the development of a comprehensive strategy, asset allocation plan and portfolio realignment.


We will always be guided by the objectives of the Trust drawing on our extensive experience specialising in the charitable sector.


At all times:


  • We will seek to understand the Trust’s needs – this will always be the starting point

  • The strategy must be determined by the Trustees, not the advisor

  • We will work within the Trust’s investment philosophy in developing a plan with Trustees


While offering investment management as well as advisory services, we are happy to exclude our own products when offering advice to avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Trust Management provides investment management services tied to your Trust’s specific requirements. Whether needing management support within a single asset class, or implementation of a comprehensive balanced investment plan, we can manage a bespoke plan and/or provide solutions through Trust Management’s Group Investment Funds.


Trust Management’s Group Investment Funds have been designed with charities in mind – carefully balancing the need for reliable income and overall return. We draw selectively from market providers to support the management of specific asset classes. The Group Investment product range includes:


  • NZ Bond Fund – actively managed by Trust Management

  • International Bond Fund – passively managed by State Street; Trust Management hedges 100% of foreign currency exposures to NZ dollars

  • Sustainable Australasian Share Fund – actively managed by Harbour Asset Management with an ethical screen

  • International Share Fund – managed by State Street; Trust Management hedges 50% of foreign currency exposures to NZ dollars

  • Property Fund – actively managed by Trust Management

  • Balanced Fund – managed by Trust Management investing in other Group Investment Funds to a specified asset allocation.

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