Ministry Accounting

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Feedback Received

I was appointed treasurer of the Whangarei Parish in April.  I felt some trepidation in accepting the position which to a large degree was due to the very negative comments I had heard about the merged Diocesan accounting system under TIML.


I have found working with Ben Ho in particular a real pleasure and he could not have been more helpful in organising the accounts. When Ben has not been available the other members of your team have assisted. I feel the Parish will now have accounts which are very comprehensive and well tailored to our requirements.


With best wishes,


Bruce McGregor. 

Rob Cadogan from the Holy Trinity, Otahuhu has kindly sent a cake to thank Angela for her hard work and help with the Parish’s accounts.

Ministry Accounting staff are helpful and responsive

Survey Feedback Round One

We invited a sample of the 88 ministry units in the Ministry Accounting Service to provide their feedback on the service they are receiving, as well as the process of transitioning.

The outcome of the survey data was that many Ministry Units were generally nervous when the initial announcements about the centralised ministry accounting service were made - though there was also a group that were very comfortable.

The workshops held were generally very well received, as were follow up meetings with Trust Management. The key feedback in relation to the workshops was that more notice and communication was required of the workshop dates. This is something we will work on with the Diocese, and will be conscious of, for any future meetings/workshops.

The process of transitioning generally went well for most people, with the assistance of Trust Management staff receiving strong levels of positive feedback. This is particularly encouraging as the transitioning process was a significant accomplishment for both the ministry units and Trust Management.

The feedback on the ministry accounting service has been generally very well received, with one exception. There is a strong level of interest in what types of reporting is available, as well as a number of requests for more simplified reporting of cash receipts and cash payments (i.e. bank inflows and outflows).

We thank all those who participated in the survey, and will be looking to incorporate the feedback into future service improvements and workshops.