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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a series of questions and answers we have developed based upon the types of questions asked during the Pilot Project, and questions we anticipate Ministry Units may wish to ask.


Ministry Units can also ask questions, either at the form at the bottom of the page or by contacting Trust Management (contact information on the help page). As we receive more feedback we will add to the questions and answers provided here.

Why don't the Ministry Units register as separate Charities avoiding the need to consolidate?

The requirement to consolidate is set out in the Financial Reporting Standards where the "control and benefit" test is applied. Whether Ministry Units are registered seperately or not does not affect how the standard is applied, the Ministry Units are still Anglican Ministry Units and therefore need to be consolidated.

How will our envelope givers remain anonymous?

Having a third party provider actually increases the anonmity of the giving, even more so than the present system within Ministry Units. Trust Management as a seperate company will not share any confidential information (such as list and addresss details of donors) with the Diocese without first obtaining written premission from the Ministry Unit and the individual involved. Trust Management has drafted the attached letter which can be addressed to the congregation to answer their concerns...


Letter Regarding Confidentiality

How do we get money for petty cash or reimbursements?

There are two options. The Ministry Unit can maintain an imprest account for small items of expenditure and cash withdrawals from local bank branches, and/or the Ministry Unit can obtain credit cards with low spend limits for key staff or clergy.

We have a Selwyn Centre, how does the system allow for this?

The system allows for the independent tracking and analysis of income and costs through the use of analysis codes. There are two types of anaylsis codes, in addition to the general ledger codes, you can also group sections of analysis codes for even greater depth analysis.

Can we change or add to the Chart of Accounts?

The common chart of accounts will enable fast consolidation at year end. That is not to say that the chart of accounts cannot change, however there are many ways data can be analysed and any changes would need to be rolled out to all Ministry Units. For these reasons, it is best to explain to our project team what outcomes you are trying to achieve with the extra account codes, and we can work out the best way to utilise the system to achieve the desired outcome.