Trust Management launches

Educational Series of Articles


Trust Management Educational Series

Trust Management provides services to a broad and diverse range of charities.


The services we offer cover a wide range of disciplines. The Trustees who serve on the Boards of our clients are also from varied backgrounds, some with in-depth commercial knowledge in specific areas others committed volunteers who have had little exposure to the investment or business world.


It is with this diversity of knowledge in mind, that Trust Management has developed an educational series of papers, aimed at giving a basic oversight of key topics using simple terminology, in easy to understand language. These papers are not intended to be the definitive guide on their given topic, but seek to provide enough explanation that readers will be able to understand the overall concepts of each topic.


The series is being kicked off with a paper on “How Unit Pricing Works” and will be followed with further papers planned on the below subjects;


  • Key features of Bonds

  • Key features of Shares

  • Diversification – Asset Class Correlations

  • Risk and Volatility

  • Risk and Return – and the relativity thereof

  • Asset Allocation – The Efficient Frontier

  • Hedging – Forward contracts and the relationship to relative interest rates

  • Key considerations when choosing a Fund Manager

  • Calculating an investment return, factoring compounding effects

  • Other asset classes, Forestry, Farming, Gold etc…


We hope these subjects will be of interest to our readers, however if you have any suggestions for future articles, please do not hesitate to contact Shane Coward, General Manager 09 550 4045 or email your suggestion to


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