COVID-19 Level 2 Conditions

May 2020


Trust Management is pleased to re-open its offices on Monday 18th May however will operate under special conditions.


Split Teams

Trust Management will work in two teams with one team in the office and the other working remotely on a weekly rotation. As such, it may be that when you make contact with one of our staff, they may be working remotely.


No Clients or Visitors

In order to maintain appropriate social distancing and to keep our staff safe, Trust Management will not host physical client meetings during COVID Level 2 or accept visitors to the office. 


You will, however, still be able to make contact with all staff by phone or email and we are able to meet you via Zoom or at an appropriate location outside of the office.


Contact Tracing

If you do meet with our staff in person, please be aware that our staff will be maintaining contact tracing details and a record will be keep of all persons our staff have contact with. 

Although the information collected will be private to staff members, you should be aware it may need to be provided to the Ministry of Health in the event that a staff member, or someone which they have had contact with, is diagnosed with COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns;

Grant Hope                       Chief Executive                                 021 472 682

Shane Coward                   General Manager                              021 412 032

Anne Edwards                   General Manager, Finance                  021 980 912

Pat O’Reilly                       General Manager, Property                 021 415 645

Matthew Goldsack             General Manager, Investments           027 591 4643



Grant Hope

Chief Executive Officer

09 550 4044





Shane Coward

General Manager

09 550 4045