John Williams

Investment Manager



John Williams, Investment Manager of Trust Management, finds satisfaction in assisting charities attain better quality results. He describes his role as one similar to a medical professional, but in relation to financial health.


With nearly 30 years and a broad range of experience in wholesale funds management, John has built a reputation as an experienced and trusted professional.


John is a great advocate for well-balanced investment portfolios. One of John’s greatest strengths is his involvement in all aspects of the investment process, including investment analysis, monitoring financial markets, number crunching, report writing, investment research, client presentations, and a range of compliance-related tasks. John particularly enjoys dialogue with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their investment profile and objectives.


John enjoys being part of the Trust Management team for similar reasons. Much like his investment portfolios, the team offers a variety of complimentary skills and backgrounds.


Investment markets cycle through highs and lows, John is grateful he's had the opportunity to experience all parts of the investment cycle throughout his career, and these experiences inform his expert choices.


John understands that very few people succeed on an entirely risk-based platform. Instead, he’s learned to focus on the elements of the investment process that he can control and works to maintain an efficient portfolio, consistent with a group’s objectives, controlling costs, avoiding uncompensated risks, and limiting the emotional component in decision making.


John looks forward to continuing to join Trust Management in its journey to become the “go to” business for all New Zealand charities.

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